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Otito is more than an e-commerce platform. We are a champion for passionate, mindful brands! We strive to achieve programs and projects that connect with the planet helping us come full circle in giving back to the earth what we consume from it.


Empowering Wada Women Farmers

Driven by lockdown in 2020, women from Wada village recognized an urgent need of being self-sustainable This gave birth to permaculture kitchen gardens enhancing food sovereignty, better health and supplemented income opportunities Otito, along with Earth4EverIndia brings a range of farm to table products made in kitchen gardens by women farmers in Wada, Maharashtra. They do not contain any artificial additives or food colorings Complete proceeds from the sale of these products directly goes back to the women farmers Otito endeavors, with this effort, to empower the Wada women farmers by boosting financial independence, self-sustenance and confidence in them.

Support the Wada Farmers by buying their products.

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