Top 5 no cooking beauty foods for that glow!

Top 5 no cooking beauty foods for that glow! Beauty game is not all serums and retinoids! Mind what you eat and ace that glowing skin. Here are a few fuss free products you can incorporate in daily routine :


Classic 55% – Tamil Nadu Cacao – Shopotito Darkins Classic 55% Rs.250 (65 gms)

Dark chocolate helps reduce dark spots and pigmentation and keeps skin glowing and healthy. It also works to bring back skin moisture and keeps it locked in, improves collagen content, and boosts circulation, all of which help delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Warwick Saffron Kahwa Green Tea – Shopotito Rs.618 (100 gms)

Consumption of green tea is part of some East Asian cultures, and Japanese women in particular have been aware of its skincare benefits for centuries. Some of its many benefits include helping to slow DNA damage, stopping inflammation, and even protecting against sun damage and burns. There’s a reason the superfood makes its way into so many cosmetics; Ingesting the real deal directly delivers its immediate soothing qualities while working toward lasting results.


Nuts And Seeds Probiotic Mix (With Probiotic Choco Chickpeas) Pack of 2 – 70 gms each – Shopotito Rs.144

They are nutty, crunchy and equally good for health; nuts are your best friends for life. They are responsible for making your skin smooth and supple along with giving it a natural glow.These nuts are packed with healthy vitamins and minerals like copper, zinc, vitamin A, C and E among others that aid in a glowing, smoother looking skin. So if you haven’t already added these nuts in your daily diet, do it soon to get a naturally glowing and healthy skin!


Tri-Color Quinoa – Shopotito – Rs.350 (350gms)

Quinoa is bursting with powerful antioxidants such as quercetin and polyphenols that combat oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals that steal oxygen from the body’s cells including skin cells. This leads to fine lines, wrinkles and dull looking skin. So incorporate quinoa into your diet to fight off these free radicals from within and promote wrinkle-free skin. Eating quinoa helps speed up healing of wounds and scars! That’s because it contains lysine which aids in speedy healing of damaged tissue including scar tissue.


Monkey Bar Monkey Bar coco cranberry bar(pack of 8) – Rs.542

Blueberries, blackberries, and cranberries—not to mention the all-powerful goji berry—are high in antioxidants and packed with nutrients. Antioxidants are anti-inflammatories that aid the body to heal itself while also protecting against further free-radical damage—doing wonders for your skin.

Daily Booster (Pack of 3) – Shopotito Wheatgrass, giloy, amla, karela powder Rs.491 (Pack of 3, 75gm each)


The natural anti-ageing properties of wheatgrass help rejuvenate cells, take care of sagging skin, maintain skin elasticity and keep you looking younger. It treats skin problems like psoriasis or acne, rashes or eczema and as much as the skin wrinkling. It pushes back the years on you giving you a much younger glowing look.

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